Protrack Rhino Task Team NPO                                    The Team That Gets Between The Rhino And The Poacher                       NPO NUMBER 164-507   |    PBO NUMBER 930051942 |   COMPANY REGISTRATION 2013/119521/08

The team that gets between the animal and the poacher

We are committed to do everything in our power to save the Rhino species. We can not do it alone.  Please support us as best you can!!

A special thanks to our supporters. 

To all our supporters we are very grateful. You have played a very important role in combating the poaching. We have received funding, equipment, dry rations and an enormous amount verbal and emotional support. Our face book page is filled with kind words and motivation. Our guys face very difficult circumstances and the praise and support really gets them through each and every day. Pride is a very difficult thing to beat and your never ending support instills an incredible sense of pride. Thank you!!!