Protrack Rhino Task Team

It became Imperative that the only way forward is by means of education &

awareness. We are consistently involved with Green Kidz, field trips, poaching awareness and working alongside them in many of the community projects.

Guns and bullets are not always the answer: With everything circulating around the internet about Poacher hunting ,tattooed women, and people running around with big guns, it is important to remember one thing: Killing is not the answer.

With millions of poverty stricken people on this continent, all willing to do anything for some money and hope, killing a poacher is the last thing that we want to do. With a dead poacher, the information stops there. Tomorrow there will be 100 people applying for his position, and his leader will still be rolling in the cash.

Apprehending poachers and climbing the ladder is what you want to do! But still, this is clearly not working, so you need to visit other options.

Education is the greatest tool we have in the fight against extinction and destruction of our planet. While working with the local communities/villages, we explain our jobs, and why it is necessary for us to do what we do.

The children tell stories of animals, and ask questions regarding wildlife and nature.


This avenue of anti-poaching is never shown, and hardly ever executed. Why? “Because I can guarantee you that it will not get shared or circulated half as much as a tattooed woman with a big ass gun!”

Sgt. Calvin, Head Anti-poaching Instructor of Protrack APU